Let Danilo guide you to discover our magical territory

Puglia is his home, he has Salento blood.

He loves this land that grows between tradition and contamination.
He is a traveller, between soul and feelings. The sea is his safe place, he is a kitesurfer who follows the mood of the wind.

The water dances, dances in his heart, in the stories of his grandparents, salty and mysterious like the depths of this sea. He wants to transmit all this love to you.

He knows all the coves, tratturi, pajare, lookout towers, rock churches and viewpoints of the Salento coast.

His name is Danilo and he will accompany you through anecdotes and memories, on a simple path and a powerful passion. Follow him.

“Now amidst browns and flowing clouds
Ove radiant thunderbolted the sun
Amori and dreams, formless you appear to me
Meliso Fosco
Oaggio a Gino Pisanò

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